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Flameproof Air Conditioner Window


Salient Features

  • For the first time in India, unique AC's are available for direct installation in potentially explosive areas / hazardous areas.
  • Easy to install & easy to service , "FI AC "will address all your cooling solutions that weren't possible due to non availability of such AC resulting into costly HVAC installations.
  • Available in three different capacities 1.5 , 2 & 2.5 tons suited to your different cooling applications.
  • It comes with a Flameproof control panel suitable for direct installation in hazardous area.
  • Necessary certification permits installation in Zone 1 or 2 gas group IIA & IIB.
  • Model – FI / HAZ / WIN / 1, FI / HAZ / WIN / 1.5 &FI / HAZ / WIN / 2



For •Chemical,• Pharmaceutical,• Fertilizer,• Agrochemical,• Paints & petroleum plants

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